Culinary Web & Graphic Design

Restaurant and food service web design & development with a focus on user experience that will take your business to the next level.
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All The Ingredients.

You know customer experience is paramount, and this begins well before they enter your establishment.

They’ll more than likely formulate their first impressions by seeing your name/logo in a Google search, and once they’ve clicked “View Website” you’ve got about 3 seconds to draw them in.

Doing this will take more than some savory shots of chef’s plates. It’ll require all the pieces to fit:

• Research - know who they are and what they’re looking for.
• Interaction - your digital handshake.
• Aesthetics - how something tastes doesn't matter if it doesn't look great as well.
• Modern - some classics never die, but no one wants a digital Salisbury steak.
• Organized - they don’t want their apps, main, and dessert all at once.
• Identity - don't be a stranger, show them who you are.


Web & Graphic Design

Logo & Branding

Desktop & Mobile

Design & Development

• UX/UI overhaul for existing websites / mobile applications
• Design of single or multiple page websites / mobile applications
• Development of websites in Webflow, including client edit capability
• SEO / Analytics optimizations

Your business's personality

• Bespoke company logo for all promotional materials
• Appropriate typography for screens and/or print
• Color schemes and graphic elements
• Style guides for promotional materials, websites, menus


Planning & Process

As an executive chef and operations manager I understand the importance of detailed tracking of costs in staying out of the red.


First we’ll go over the scope of work needed - what your business goals are and what a website will need to do to align with them.


Once we’ve determined the project’s scope, we’ll work on capital allocation. Scope can always be scaled up or down to work with your budget.


Using Google Sheets, all aspects of the project are kept in order, tracked, and updated in real time and so there are no mystery charges. If it’s agreed upon that more or less work is required, it’s as simple as adding or deleting a row.

Hold The Lines


You've got the keys.

Among the many perks of using Webflow for development on web and mobile, once my work is done you'll have the ability to edit content on your fancy new site without having to write a single line of code. The video explains how this works, but the jist of it is that you'll be able to log in to your site to perform basic tasks such as uploading a new photo or changing/adding menu items. You won't have to pay me dime for that. Webflow also has a Client Billing service that, if you choose, makes it easy to pay for website hosting and maintenance.


UX/UI Overhauls

Landing page redesign + revamp of purchasing process.

Redesign blending effective elements of E-Sysco and Sysco Market.

Branding update + landing page revamp.

Think Amazon + Instagram for farmers markets.


John works, too.

Working as the chef responsible for catering @ Twitter's Boston offices in 2016 I was introduced to the term "UX design" for the first time and put myself through an online design/development bootcamp shortly thereafter. The mix of creativity and intense focus on small details was a natural draw for me, and since then I've been spending my spare time practicing and studying UX, web development, graphic design, interaction design etc. More recently, having completed Google's Project Management certification and putting that to good use in my role as a Chef/Production Manager for BU Dining Services, I realized that I have all the tools necessary to run a solid business of my own. So the question became: how and to whom can I provide the most value?

Years ago while working as a line cook at a cafe in Cambridge, I witnessed the owner bring in someone who'd never set foot in a kitchen to do their website, as I'm sure is usually the case. I got the impression he was taking advantage of them, but didn't know how to articulate that at the time. Now I do; now I can be the website guy who's stepped foot in plenty of kitchens, who understands your challenges and goals, and who legitimately wants to help your business thrive.